27 Funniest Intermittent Fasting Memes

Intermittent fasting is all the rage these days. But like any trend, it can be a little hard to take seriously. That's why we've collected the 27 funniest intermittent fasting memes to help you keep your sense of humor about it all. After all, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? So grab a snack and prepare to have some laughs at intermittent fasting's expense!

Me waiting around for my intermittent fasting window to close.

I'm just waiting around here like a big idiot, starving myself for no reason. I mean, I know that intermittent fasting is supposed to be good for you, but waiting around like this is just torture!

You can't cheat on your diet if you're fasting.

Fasting is a great way to not cheat on your diet because you're not eating!


If you’re like us, and found these memes hilariously accurate, then be sure to share them with your friends! Intermittent fasting can seem like a drag sometimes, but when you have some laughs along the way it makes the process a little more bearable. And if you haven’t tried intermittent fasting yet, maybe these memes will inspire you to give it a goβ€”just make sure you stock up on snacks first!


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